Marketing Research

6 Myths About Marketing You Should Know.

This article will show you the myths about marketing and what is the fact for each one,

Before we start this topic.

this topic is for those who has businesses and would like to start marketing activities.

but they have stereotyping about marketing so continue reading and you will find out yourself about the fact of each one


My company must be big to do marketing

some people think that to start marketing activity they must have established a company with many employees, with existing customers in a stable market, so the marketing activities like a kind of supplement no basic stuff.

In fact, any company can do marketing activity and to be successful because marketing activity will be according to the company size and based on clients base so

  • Understanding the customer needs is marketing
  • Asking customers about their opinion in products or services is marketing
  • Develop your products or services is marketing
  • Formulating your message and your point of difference for your client’s is a marketing

So, you don’t have to be big to start your marketing activity


I must have a lot of money

a lot of people think that they must have a lot of money to start their marketing activities.

like campaigns or advertising, the only think that marketing is equal advertising or equal paying money with no return.

In fact, you can start at any at any time as the marketing budget is based on your company size and your cash flow, however you can invest a limited budged and can create good result as well.


Now digital marketing has become the most effective tool to reach New clients also cheap comparing with the other marketing activities

also, the digital marketing could be customized based on the customer interest so you will never pay for those who are not interested

There are many free or low-cost tools you can use at the beginning but not for long time


I don’t have time to do marketing

one of the Myths About Marketing is the task must be done by you whoever,

the marketing activities can be done by anyone in your company or in your small organization without your existence in person to be involved,

so, you can assign someone to do the tasks

There are many basic tasks you must do for your products or services especially in the launching phase.

So, don’t neglect or delay your marketing basis tasks for your products or services as they are essential.


All the time I need funding for my project

actually the secret for this one is building your brand because brand equal money and people like brands.

so if you do a good brand you will have many customers.

and once you have the customers you will have the money and the funding that you are looking for.


I will do everything by myself to save cost

doing everything by yourself will cost you more time and money and the result will not be satisfying,

at the end of the day, because no one can do everything alone

You want to ask help from experts in marketing field, this will save you money and give you a good quality and you will not repeat the task twice.


I will ask help from volunteers

volunteers will not be there all the time when you need them,

so you must hire full-time employee or at least a freelancer to be committed to your work.

on the other hand, you may find them not professional enough to do marketing functions, and quality will not meet your business standards.

that was all about Myths About Marketing.




What Is the Marketing Research process?

in this article we will show you what are the marketing research process and what to do in order to make a good marketing research

you must follow these processes in order to be able to get a solid finding you can build a decision based on it


Define the problem

before conducting your marketing research, you must define the main research questions.

which called the research problem and to know to which marketing functions it belongs

In this research all the data will be gathered will answer those questions


Develop a research plan

There are many types for marketing research, and for each type may suites a certain research,

so you have to know which kind of information you need.

and how to together it either by market research based on field visit or by secondary data or by a sample survey or else

so, you must put your plan and see how to run your marketing research


Collect information

collecting information during the marketing research it is not the easy stuff.

you have to put your sample size that you need to correct the marketing research as much as you collect information as less your mistake will be

so, you would better to have a selection criterion for your sample size

only eligible customer will be filling your survey or a questionnaire

because the irrelevant customers will not be useful for your marketing research


Analyze information

After finishing your data collection, you need to analyses the data and group the answers.

to know what the people are saying sometimes you find shocking results

The good marketing research should be neutral for example don’t be on one side or another you must be neutral and to wait for the results

The survey questions for the questionnaire should not have a leading question over something will make the customer feel that he will choose a certain option.

so your questions must be fair and neutral


Present findings

After analyzing the results and grouping the customer opinions,

you should answer your research questions that you asked at the beginning.

so now you will have a clear vision and a good understanding of the research topic.

so based on that you will be able to take a decision for your product or service