Content Marketing

10 Easy Tips will make your content Marketing better

Content marketing main objective is to keep your readers engaged. You can do this in several ways Now we will explain 10 of the most effective tips.


1.     Story Telling

People love stories. When we were young, we used to listen to stories like mom & dad used to, people love to go through a store and wait the action and what they will learn from it at the end

2.     Use Good format

When writing a content consider the paragraph as your reader should not feel boarding in reading so divide the content to main paragraph and let the reader able to go to the most engaging title he needs.

3.     Ask questions

questions make readers thinking for themselves, and searching answers, this way is better than simply giving information, your questions must serve a different purposes getting your audience thinking about your Product & Services  and persuading them to act.

4.     Use unusual words

You shouldn’t be  Naguieb Mahfouz to write a good content but if you like to customize and personalize your content, you need to use different words

choose words people don’t hear in their everyday life is an excellent way to add personality to your content.

5.     Make your content interesting

You can’t ask the reader to be interested in your content if you are not interested too please take your time searching for what makes your content interesting, you have to know that content marketing have rules you need to follow.

6.     Touch your reader emotional

Engage the reader emotions even with the negative emotions line anger, sad or even happiness, and you need to know that people share the good news more than the bad news, people like the hope and accomplishment in stories, Always they are looking for ending.

7.     Use shocking Facts

The experts marketers are saying that people are reading for two reasons either to entertain or to learn and in both cases your audience must be exited, so you need to use some facts and let him learn some thing from your content as you cannot teach a board reader.

8.      Give a real example

You need to read more & More in order to user other writer experiences and create your own, it is not difficult to do so, by giving real example in what you write you make your content more personnel and reader like that.

9.     Add value

Tell me how you would like to add value to your reader, and you don’t know what other writer wrote in the same topic, you must do your exercise and check others contribution, and please if you don’t have something to say why you are writing your content?

10.   Characterize your content

One of the most important content marketing rules that you need to write with the same way you speak that gives a character to your content don’t be so formal and conservative, people like the content that uses their language and culture, also keep it simple to the maximum with no sophistication